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I love drawing thick bara dudes. Also do some character/creature design and horror illustration.
Survivor of the Tumblr purge of 2018.
I also have a Patreon offering monthly packs of smut I don't publish elsewhere, if you want to support my work!

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Posted by DoctorAnfelo - May 3rd, 2019

Hey there, I’m opening up commissions again. I’m starting at 5 slots p/month to see, but it’ll depend on the workflow, also, for now portrait busts will be done only in B/W since portraits take longer to draw for me.

Any inquiries feel free to PM or contact me.

Hola, voy a abrir comisiones de nuevo. Inicialmente abrire 5 slots p/mes, pero ajustaré segun del flujo de trabajo, también por ahora los bustos de retrato se harán sólo en B/N ya que los retratos son toman un esfuerzo mayor.

Cualquier consulta pueden enviarme un mensaje privado o contactarme. 



Posted by DoctorAnfelo - January 7th, 2019

Happy new year 2019! I hope the change of year was good for you!

Lately haven't posted much, been dealing with some issues here (Like being in danger of ending up homeless and the usual anxiety+depression combo), so sorry for not posting in a bit.

This month on Patreon I'm offering a NSFW pack of Ded from Tokyo Highschool Summoners / Housamo, so if you crave smut of this frosty hunk you know where to look, just click the link on the left side of my profile!




















I also opened up the poll for next month's characters, the suggestions this month were... well I didn't expect a couple, but I like all the options and will be happy to draw any of them. You can cast your vote here before the 31st of January and help me choose!

Commissions are also open if anyone's interested, send me a message if you want to commission some artwork!


Posted by DoctorAnfelo - December 5th, 2018

So, I'm making an account here as Tumblr is erasing all NSFW content (And autohiding posts, which is pretty awful) so I was forced to migrate to a more open platform and so far I like the NG community from what I have seen.

Long story short I'm an artist that does pinup and NSFW of bara art (Gay art more catered towards men, usually portraying more masculine guys). I do videogames art and original art, I prefer working in black & white for my original art.

I mostly work with digital art, but sometimes I post sketches in traditional mediums at my Instagram, if you're curious about that kind of work. I also have artbooks and comics for sale at the Dragonhide Studios shop, they're lovely people that support many other LGBTQ artists.

I also have a long running Patreon project where you can pledge and get exclusive NSFW art packs, at the highest tier the average pack contains about 16-18 pictures. I also do commissions, if you're interested shoot me a line and we can discuss it.

My current pack on Patreon will be Alexios from Assassin's Creed Odyssey and the pledge window closes on the 15, so if you want some delicious AssCreed smut get your fix at my project, here's a preview of one of the tame SFW versions included.